Dwayne Custer, M.A.

Transformational Storyteller

Philosophia is the Latin word for “love of wisdom,” and that is the root of my life philosophy. Wisdom came to me when I sat by a wild goose nest and earned the trust of the mother to eventually be able to touch the soft down of her feathers. It felt like I had immersed my hand in a thousand tiny icicles. Wisdom has opened my heart to understanding, compassion, and empathy of myself and others. To write about wisdom is difficult, for words are not able to fully communicate its value in my life. Words merely serve as a mirror to the soul. They are metaphorical.

Education is the cornerstone of wisdom. Through it, worlds are revealed, the sick are healed, and humans live in harmony with nature. Without it, there exists only ignorance born of conditioning, hypocrisy, and superstition. Education is the rain falling down on the unworthy and the worthy alike. It gives freely without any need for return.

Wisdom is expressed through creation. The Earth is a cauldron of creation that bubbles and foams with fervent need to birth and rebirth life. Opening the door of wisdom for others is the act of creation. Wisdom is authenticity expressed through creativity.

The foundation of my life, my work, my education is wisdom, creativity, authenticity, and love. Wisdom is knowing myself and sharing that insight with others. It is the transpersonal act of surrendering to the unknown. It is the willingness to be vulnerable and naked before the Universe. The love of wisdom is the love of Self and Others. It dissolves barriers and exposes unity. Wisdom is manifest through the simple act of touching the feathers of a goose.